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'Human Barbie' Mom Gifts Daughter, 7, With Boob Job Voucher

Sarah Burge, "The Human Barbie." Credit: Dave M. Benett, Getty Images We suppose it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that a mom known as "The Human Barbie" should gift her daughter with some plastic surgery of her own. But giving a ...Mom says daughter can use it when she turns 16 -- when it's legal.

Parents Turning to Plastic Surgery to Stop Bully Taunts

More and more kids are getting plastic surgery. Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Remember kindly Mister Rogers, always reassuring children that they deserve love and acceptance for just by being themselves?
"There's only one person in the w...
Parents turn to cosmetic surgery as a cure for bullying.

SmackDown: Should You Let Your Teen Get Plastic Surgery?

If your teen doesn't feel pretty, does that justify plastic surgery? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Let My Kid Get Plastic Surgery? Not on My Watch by Jo Parente Recent news: A 15-year-old girl hates her appear...
The rise in teen plastic surgery has us wondering if letting our kids get surgically altered is a good parenting move.

Nice Score on the Exams, Kids! Here's a Nose Job

In South Korea, good grades are rewarded with nips and tucks. Credit: Andrew Olney, Getty Images
Forget car keys, a spike in allowance or a mall gift card. Growing ranks of parents who want to bribe -- er, inspire -- their teens to do well on col...
Great test scores are being rewarded with plastic surgery by some South Korean parents.

When Is It OK for Teens to Get Plastic Surgery?

In the face of bullying, teasing and low self-esteem, some teens are turning to plastic surgery to help them fit in. The "Today" show profiles three teens who went under the knife and discusses what parents should do before letting their child get ...

Eyebrows Stiffly Raised Over 'Human Barbie' Injecting Her Teen with Botox

Hannah Burge started getting Botox injections when she was 15. Credit: Masons News Service
Hey, all you 25-year-olds: A British teenager is trying to avoid looking as "haggard" as you do by getting Botox injections, some of which are adminis...

Italy Considers Breast Implant Ban for Minors

An Italian bill wants breast implants available to adults only. And possibly Little Mermaids. Credit: Disney
Teenage girls in Italy dissatisfied with their bra size may no longer be able to do something about it. The Italian parliament is conside...

Mom and Daughter Botox Addicts

Beauty in a syringe? Image:
We all know that as parents, we have a huge influence on how our children view themselves and the world in which they live. Mothers in particular play a large part in shaping the way their daughters feel about t...

Like Daughter, Like Mother

A British mom is spending big bucks to look like her daughter. Creepy or cool? It's not unusual for kids -- at least when they're younger -- to want to be just like mum or dad. It's charming, it's flattering, and it's not at all odd. After all, wh...

Plastic Surgery - Would You Let Your Teen?

As adults, we realize that just like money, beauty doesn't equal happiness. But we also know that it can certainly make life easier. Perhaps that's why even in today's difficult economy, parents are still paying for their teens to have plastic surger...

Cate Blanchett Says No To Plastic Surgery, Possibly Yes To More Babies

Ah, the lovely Cate Blanchett. Can she do no wrong? It would seem so. Not only is she one of the world's great beauties, but she is a very talented actor and Oscar-winner who, it seems, also has a wonderful marriage and three lovely sons. Cate rec...

C-Tuck - Would you get one?

I don't know about you, but my second c-section took a serious toll on my mid-section. I'm not typically a vain kind of girl, but that little flippity-flap over my second incision line? Not pretty, people. Granted, it's only been six weeks since I de...

Breast Surgery kills Florida Cheerleader

Like most mothers who have nursed, I have, occasionally, wondered what reconstructive surgery would do for my cleavage. However, I can honestly say that I never had those thoughts when I was a teenager. Back then, teens didn't get plastic surgery as ...

Ashley Tisdale gets a nose job

Ellie thinks that High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale is absolutely beautiful. I think she's quite pretty as well and always appreciated that fact that she was not what some might consider classically beautiful. By that I mean her nose isn't Barb...

Liv Tyler changes tune about her post-baby body

Before you have kids, you make all these plans about how you're going to raise them and what you're going to do as a parent. You say you'll never take them to McDonald's, then you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with two screaming, starving ki...


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