Play Doh scented perfume

Uhm, yeah, you read that right. The latest craze in perfumania, or just another fangirl trend? Either way, you ain't smelled nothin' 'til you've smelled play-doh scented perfume. According to hip-parent website UrbanBaby, It'll whip you right back ...

Children break-in to daycare, steal popsicles, Play-Doh

Three Milwaukee boys took their first step into a life of crime last week when they broke into a daycare. According to police, the 8, 9 and 10 year-olds weren't interested in money, but instead went straight for the good stuff -- Play-Doh and popsicl...

Parents furious over play-doh genitalia

Parents of students who attend a preschool in Russellton, Pennsylvania are furious today, after the nursery school program that they hoped would help mold their children's minds instead taught them how to mold play-doh into grotesque orange...


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