Connect With Your Child Through Play

When you think about your own childhood, do you recall times when you and your parents played together? Maybe it was hide-and-seek, or Monopoly or rock-paper-scissors. I remember pretending to be circus performers with my mom and dad, and playing...Through play, children make sense of their experiences, and express their ideas and emotions.

Child's Play: Efforts Building to Bring Back the Fun

The sandbox is so, so lonely. Credit: Getty
Remember the good ol' days when Mom opened up the cabinets and let you play rock band with the pots and pans? Or all those afternoons you spent creating castles in the backyard sandbox?
What happened to good, old-fashioned play time? It's rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Are Your Kids Getting Enough Pretend Play Time?

Not all toys have to plug in. Credit: Getty Images Back in the day, "play time" didn't mean "screen time," because there weren't that many screens available. Now, of course, children have so many electronic entertainment options that...Children have so many electronic entertainment options that they may not be getting enough good old fashioned pretend play.

Play Is Serious Business at New York's Ultimate Block Party,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=939992&pid=939991&uts=12862870...
Get your play on! Ultimate Block Party attracts 30,000 to New York's Central Park.

Opinion: 'Imagination Playground' Lives Up to Its Name,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=916778&pid=916777&uts=1280411756

If You Build It, They Will Play: Fantasy Playhouses

With a castle in their backyard, the Budge home is a popular spot for play dates. Credit: Lisa Budge
Barbara Butler has been helping parents make their kids' dreams come true for more than two decades, conjuring up castles for little princesses, ...

The Importance of Play Houses for Kids

With dreams of summer and backyard camp-outs -- and the early spring reality of chilly mud advancing to the doorstep -- the children have requested that Cabin Fever haul out the play tents from the basement. I have a love-hate relationship with these...

March Break Madness: How to Beat Boredom

Hey, there. It's March Break. How are you? More importantly, where are you? If you're reading this, my guess is you're still here. Yup, Cabin Fever is still here, too. We're not in Florida, soaking in vitamin D and splashing in the ocean. We're not e...

The Joys of the Neighbourhood Playgroup

It's 9:30 on a Wednesday morning, and the older children have made their way to school. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee wafts through our house. A loaf of banana bread, baked and frozen last week, has been thawed and sliced, and sits on a plate besi...

How to Inspire a Love of Music in Children

Cabin Fever wants to know: how do you inspire musical genius in children? Okay, we'll settle for deep appreciation and enjoyment. And a pain-free way to manage piano practice. So, we talked to an expert. Nicole Dueck writes and performs music for ch...

More Math, Less Fun; Is Playtime in Peril?

Kindergartners play eight hours less per week compared to 20 years ago. Credit: jupiterimages
Kids today have eight fewer hours of play during the week than they did 20 years ago, and even kindergartners are leaving the Play-Doh behind for a focu...

Do You Play With Your Kids?

Lots of moms say playing with their kids is hard work. Photo courtesy of When it comes to parenthood, the tasks are endless -- feeding, bathing, diapering, dressing -- the list goes on and on. So when it comes time to get down on the fl...

Kindergarten - It's Time to Bring Playtime Back

When we were growing up, kindergarten was all about playing. These days, play has gone out the window, replaced by academics. But is this good for our kids? In January, I visited a two-day preschool with my three-year-old in hopes it would be a go...

Playing Outside Makes Kids Smarter

Schools are cutting recess -- that's a shame -- but parents also need to make an effort to get kids out of the house and into the yard. In the race to help kids get ahead academically, American schools seem to take a spaghetti at the wall approac...

Hopscotch Voted Best Playground Game Ever

While too many schools today are nixing recess for more hours in the classroom, most of us grownups have oh-so fond memories of those 20 minutes each day on the playground. It was a time to let loose and have some fun, fun, fun. I remember anxiously ...


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