It's Not You, It's Us: Breaking Up With Other Parents

Remember dating? And that most awkward of moments, the end of an evening when it was clear not everyone had enjoyed the experience equally? Your date would ask the question, "What are you doing next weekend?" And, instead of saying "avoiding you,"...Saying you're not interested when dating is easy, but breaking up with other parents? Not so much.

What to Do When Friendships Become an Issue for Your Child

Friends today, frenemies tomorrow? Credit: Corbis
For some kids, making friends is easy and natural, and for other kids it's ... not. It isn't uncommon for kids to have occasional trouble making or keeping friends, so here's some advice on how...

When You Don't Like Your Kids' Friends' Parents

Not all your kids' friends will have parents you'll want to be friends with. Image:
As parents, part of our job is to help our kids make friends. But what happens when your child makes friends with someone and you can't stand the parents? ...

When Your Playdate Won't Leave

Does your playdate wear out their welcome? Don't hide -- use some simple strategies to set your boundaries. Photo courtesy of
What's a busy mom to do when that two-hour play date turns into a seven-hour marathon? You've tried all the nor...

Gun Safety - Do You Ask About Weapons Before a Playdate?

Parents rarely send their kids off for a play date without knowing a little about the host family. After all, it's important to make sure your kids are in a safe and friendly environment. But while it's pretty common to ask about pool safety or pets...

Dad not welcome in mom's club

If we had the financial wherewithal to allow it, I would love to be a stay-at-home dad. I would spend my days helping out at the kids' schools, taking them on all kinds of adventures, and, yes, getting together with other parents and kids for copious...

Do you ask if your child's playmates are vaccinated?

There are a lot of ways that we, as parents, put ourselves into groups. Breastfeeders vs. formula feeders, co-sleepers vs. cry-it-outers, stay at home moms vs. working moms. I think it's really unfortunate when these very personal issues divide us, b...

Learning selflessness, one selfish moment at a time

There is a farm near our house that's open to the public, it's part of a large park with lots of places to walk, a big playground, etc, and it's one of Riley's very favorite places to go. He talks about the farm all the time, how he's going to go see...

Fifty-fifty parenting?

We got an inquiry from a reader about an interesting parenting philosophy. Her friend with a ten-month-old came to visit her and her three- and one-year-olds. Her kids were playing in their sandbox and she went to put the ten-month-old in as well, as...

Is the Cocktail Party Playgroup new?

I've been having the occasional Bloody Mary playgroup since my daughter was three (she's seven now) and now I have a group of friends I meet with at least once a week and we share a drink or two and talk, while intercepting leaky sippy cups and dirty...


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