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Florida Neighborhood Wants to Ban Kids From Playing Outside

Off my lawn, Sonny! Credit: Corbis
Are a you a crabby old coot tired of shaking your cane and telling confounded whippersnappers to stay off your lawn?
Then welcome to Crabby Old Coot Estates -- otherwise known as Persimmon Place in...
Rule would create R-rated streets. No child allowed without an adult.

Playing in the Dirt

Get messy. Credit:
Turn of those iPhones, laptops, and TV sets -- it's time to go outside. The weather is fine, and you want your kids to power down and run around. But if you need a little extra inspiration for ways ...

Kids play "too loud" in backyard, parents in court

I remember living near people like this guy when I was growing up -- curmudgeons that bought in a house in a family neighborhood, then constantly complained about all the kids who lived there. But as far as I know, nobody ever stooped so low as to ta...


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