Plan the Perfect Playroom With These Tips

Stock your playroom with dress-up clothes. Credit: Getty Images Longing for the perfect playroom? You don't need to look much further than some creative toys and simple-but-...Donate old toys and use these ideas to make your kids the perfect playroom.

Do You Have Toy-Free Rooms in Your House?

Tired of stepping on Legos every time you walk across the room? Frustrated by the gigantic piles of plastic stuff on every surface? Would you ever declare a toy-free zone in your house? If you've got kids, then you are probably familiar with the s...

Top storage solutions

After a brief hiatus, ParentPicks is back! This is where we take full advantage of your wisdom and experience and ask you to share it with other parents. Whether you have one child or six, chances are you have come across a product, an idea, or a so...

Is a playroom practical?

We're in the process of looking carefully at the use of space in our house, trying to decide if some rearranging is in order to make life just a little easier for all of us. One of the considerations is to move the computer desk into the guest room, ...


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