Kinect Isn't the Only Game In Town: 3 More Innovations in Gaming

Microsoft's new Kinect system, which lets players control Xbox 360 games with nothing more than their own bodies, has justifiably made a big splash in the gaming world. But it's far from the only gaming innovation popping up this holiday season. Chec...These new games and devices make playing a video game a wholly new and different experience.

Hot video game causes hot pants

Sony's portable video game system, the PSP is pretty cool. One model, however, was quite the opposite recently. Twelve-year-old Harold Clay was in band class at a Michigan middle school when his PSP caught fire in his pants pocket. According to Harol...

Cheaper Playstation 3 for Christmas?

OK, I'll say it: Christmas shopping. I know, Christmas comes earlier every year, and now here I am, talking about it before we've even hit Halloween. But be honest -- once Halloween is over, it seems like you blink and it's already Thanksgiving, and ...

Teen bride sues parents for her stuff, loses

When their 16-year-old daughter decided she was getting married to her 40-year-old track coach, Dennis and Betty Hagar figured they'd fight back by keeping all her stuff. But the girl and her new hubby decided they couldn't live without some of her...

Should video games depict child torture?

On November 24th, Rule of Rose, a Sony PlayStation video game that depicts the beating and humiliation of a young girl trying to escape an orphanage, will be released in the UK. The Mayor of Rome wants to to ban the game, and it's prompted the EU Jus...

Gamer Dad reviews games for parents

At first blush, this little ditty from the BBC practically reeks of moth balls and formaldehyde, painting a picture of parents as stuffy, out-of-touch purebreds disconnected from the video game culture of their kids. Now, I'm sure that there are some...

Must-have Christmas accessory for parents: Energizer 15-Minute Battery Charger

Okay, okay. I know it's two days before Christmas, and thus a teensy bit late for recommending purchases. But I couldn't pass up suggesting an accessory that's a necessity for any family with a slew of techno-gifts under the tree. Given that I just p...


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