Girl called racist for wearing Palin T-shirt

Ashleigh Jones got a lot more than she bargained for when she recently donned a "Go, Sarah, Go" T-shirt and wore it to school. The twelve-year-old Florida native was called a racist by her classmates at New Smyrna Beach Middle School. Jones had volu...

Political onesies all the rage

If you can't get political enough this season, then perhaps you can share even more of your opinions via your baby's tummy. That's right, world, just when we thought we'd said "ENOUGH!" to all the witty slogan T-shirts out there (no longer midriff-b...

Do money smarts make for a better marriage?

There's that age-old saying that you should marry for love, not for money. I am not sure whether there is any truth to that, but I can say one thing about the subject. Based on my experience, whether you have a lot or a little of it, money does play...

A convention is NO place for a baby!

OK, is it me or is a national convention no place for a baby? As was widely covered (yet not as much as the Democratic National Convention, interestingly), the Republican National Convention showcased many of Sarah Palin's children (and a would-be t...

PD*Poll: Are families off-limits during elections?

Barack Obama is upset because the Republicans and the media have cast aspersions on his wife's character, questioning her patriotism and calling her his "baby mama". He told one network that "I've said publicly before, and I'll say it again - I think...

Rudy Giuliani to voters: "leave my family alone"

Rudy Giuliani wants voters to judge him based on his performance, not on what his family thinks about him. When asked how he could "expect the loyal following of Americans when you are not getting it within your own family, " the Republican president...


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