Should We Stop Giving Teachers Tenure?

Are tenured teachers "untouchable?" Credit: Corbis Education is always a hot topic. Right now, teacher tenure is taking a lot of heat. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to eliminate tenure, which he says will make it easi...
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wants to eliminate tenure, which he says will make it easier to get rid of teachers that are not doing a good job. What do you think?

Vote In Our Father's Day Poll

Who's the best daddy in all of Hollywood? Which famous father is hands-down the worst? Tell us what you think in our poll, and share how you plan to spend the day that's all about dads.
Fathers Day Poll Who is the sexiest celebri...

Braving the voting lines with your kids

I voted today -- yay! I may have just moved and had a baby less than a month ago, but I actually left the house and voted -- wouldn't have missed it for the world. Even better than proudly taking part in the Democratic process, my family went with m...

Election Day - Take your kid to vote

Waiting in line at the Secretary of State a few weeks ago, a young women in front of me could hardly contain her excitement. "I'm registering to vote," she whispered to me, "For the very first time." I'm pretty sure what she meant was that this was h...

"I love you": How many times a day do you say it?

I've been cruising various parenting boards for advice and support since I was pregnant with my first child four years ago. No matter what the board, no matter who the parents, the "I love you" poll always makes an appearance. Usually someo...


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