Being Popular in School Pays Off

Have you ever wondered how the popular kids you went to school with fared later on in life? Did their natural ability to win friends and influence people lead to financial success in adulthood? Or did they end up flipping burgers for minimum wage whi...

Top Pet Names Also Names for Babies

Would you name your dog after a person? In the not too distant past, I met someone whose children had the same names as my dogs. We have a dog named Max and we used to have a dog named Thomas (he passed away), which were the same name as the sons of ...

Prefential treatment for cheerleaders and football players

Everyone jokes about jocks and cheerleaders are loved by teachers and staff, despite being horrible to their less-popular classmates -- but that's not real life, right? It's the plot of 80s movies and TV sitcoms. Apparently not. Stephanie Schwehn, ...

Is popularity a worthy goal?

When you think of a popular girl in school, what kind of person comes to mind? A girl who is popular because she is friendly and fun and the other kids like being around her? Or a girl who is popular because she's a member of a small group of girls w...

Lindsay Lohan tops Hot List, is this good for young girls

When I first saw the remake of The Parent Trap I thought young Lindsay Lohan was just about the cutest thing ever. Her red hair and freckled face combined with a genuine acting talent were very impressive. By the time Lohan made Freaky Friday, Mean G...

Children should know their likability, study finds

I don't know about the rest of you, but I pretty much hated the ages between 9 and 12. In fact, if you'd offer me a large amount of money to go back and relive those years, I'd have to turn you down. Why? Mean kids and bullies pretty much made my lif...

Elementary school politics: how little can I participate?

Tonight I'm attending my youngest child's Kindergarten Round Up, which I can't help but picture like a rodeo with the principal trying to lasso the kids into the school. Which I know it's not like that since I've done this once before, but tell me wo...


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