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'Positive Discipline for Children With Special Needs': Author Q&A

Watch Videos Related to This Article Children with special needs need discipline, just like every other kid on the planet. How else are they going to learn about limits and boundaries, right from wrong and the basics of socially acceptable behavio...Book says cchildren, including those with special needs, deserve the chance to feel capable, important and self-possessed.

Effective discipline: changing your child's behavior

At some point or another, every parent comes up against a misbehaving offspring. This might look like a full fledged tantrum: with a drop-to-the floor, sack-of-potatoes limp body of a small child who is wailing at the top of her lungs. Or it might be...

Forcing kids to apologize

A new post on Slate has my mind a'swirling. Should we force our kids to apologize? The author of the article, Emily Bazelon, seems to think so. Her husband disagrees. He contends that apologizing is useless if the apology doesn't come from the hea...

Discipline: When kids test parenting mettle

Two recent posts by two different mommy bloggers really hit home with me. The first is by Morphing into Mama, and it made me laugh and cringe at the same time.  MIM often talks about people who "parent without a license." And even bett...


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