Naomi Watts says Breastfeeding Lead to Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

As you may recall it's only been a few weeks since actress Naomi Watts had her second child. The Mulholland Drive star and beau Liev Schreiber welcomed son Samuel on December 13; recently, they spotted on the red carpet promoting Schreiber's latest e...

"Pregorexia" takes moms by storm

(Click the photo to see which celebs might be "pregorexic") It seems like it should be common sense. Don't diet while pregnant. Yet for many moms these days that seems to be the trend. Many of them are successful at it--but at what cost to their un...

Post-pregnancy acne

You know how women who've had babies are always telling women who haven't had babies that there are all these things "They" don't tell you about pregnancy, birth, etc.? And by "They" I mean the professionals--doctors, OBs, all of 'em. Well, it's t...


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