potty chair 

How to Ditch the Diapers and Start Potty Training

If your children are well past diapers, you don't have children, or you feel the urge to shout "TMI!" at your computer screen on a regular basis, please, avert your eyes. This column may not be for you. If, however, you have a small diapered person i...Potty training requires two things: readiness and commitment.

Multi-tasking potty chair

The only thing better than a brilliantly designed kid's product is a brilliantly designed kid's product that can vaporize your enemies and transport you to a tropical paradise is multi-functional. Take Boon's potty bench, for example. Not only is i...

We are all done with diapers in our house!

In March I made a big splurge at CostCo, I bought one of the largest boxes of size 5 diapers that I could find. It was so big that after I unloaded the bladders full of diapers and packed them away in a closet, Devon, my almost 3 year-old fancied the...


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