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Preschooler, 3, Suspended for Potty Mishaps

Many schools enforce potty training policies -- but are they fair? Credit: Corbis Parents typically have a checklist of questions they want answered when enrolling their toddlers in preschool. Here's a new one to add: "What happens if ...The child's mom wants the school district to change its policy on potty training preschoolers.

What Would You Do if Your Child Was Suspended for Not Being Potty Trained?

Start working on potty training if you don't want your kid to get suspended. Credit: Getty Images A recent article in the Washington Post tells the tale of 3-year-old Zoe, who was -- no joke -- suspended from Arlington Public Schools' ...A recent article in the Washington Post tells the tale of 3-year-old Zoe, who was suspended from Arlington Public Schools' Montessori preschool for not being potty trained.

Bedwetting Usually Stops Without Alarms, Medicine or Parents' Help

Don't fear bedtime. Credit: Getty Images Although experts recommend discussing bedwetting with your pediatrician, parents don't usually need to worry. Sooner or later, a child's brain and bladder will develop further and communicate at...Sooner or later, a child's brain and bladder will develop further and communicate at night better.

Potty Training Requires Preparation, Patience and Praise

Be patient with your child when potty training. Credit: Getty Images
When it's time to potty train, it's all about the three "P" words: preparation, praise and patience. Prepare your children for toilet training by providing them with books on...
When it's time to potty train, it's all about the three "P" words: preparation, praise and patience.

Parenting Advice: Easy to Give, Harder to Take

I'm not an expert, I'm just a parent. I like that line. It's true and it (sort of) gets me off the hook. When this job was first offered to me, I said, well, I love writing and I have four kids, but please don't ask me to give advice. Nobody should...

How to Ditch the Diapers and Start Potty Training

If your children are well past diapers, you don't have children, or you feel the urge to shout "TMI!" at your computer screen on a regular basis, please, avert your eyes. This column may not be for you. If, however, you have a small diapered person i...Potty training requires two things: readiness and commitment.

Potty Training Methods

You've cleared your calendar, covered the furniture with plastic and canceled your subscription to the diaper-of-the-month club. Your little one has exhibited all the signs of being ready to use the toilet and you are both ready to commit to potty tr...

Diaper-Free Babies?

Many parents feel like their child should be potty trained by the age of two. Trying to make that happen can lead lead to a lot of stress when the child in question just isn't physically or cognitively ready to use the toilet. In reality, there is no...

Interview with A Potty Training Expert

Dr. Pete Stavinoha wrote the book on potty training -- literally. A pediatric psychologist in Dallas, Dr. Stavinoha is the co-author of Stress Free Potty Training: A Commonsense Guide to Finding the Right Approach for Your Child. The book, written in...

Share Your Potty Training Stories!

Calling all moms -- and dads -- who have potty-training experience! We need your real tips, clever ideas, accident anecdotes, horror stories, smart strategies or must-have products -- anything that would be helpful, informative or entertaining to o...

Facebook Moms Who Share Too Much

Do your Facebook status updates include the details of your child's poop? You might want to rethink that, and fast. Facebook may have gotten its start as an exclusive club for college kids, but it has since evolved into a free-for-all for anyone o...

Tori Spelling Potty Trains, Free Range Kids, and the Drinking Age - Links We Love

Even celebrity moms can't escape the potty chair. Tori Spelling shares her top five potting training tips. -- LilSugar Remember the NY mom who let her 9-year-old subway alone? Now you can learn how to raise your own "free range" kid with a new (an...

Doctors Recommend Leaving It Up

The next time you complain about the toilet seat being left up, consider this: if you've got a little man in the house, putting it down could pose a hazard to his, um, well, little manhood. British doctors found several cases of boys between the ages...

Airing it out

Say what you will about disposable diapers, especially with regard to their impact on the environment, but it's hard to deny that they do offer (for the most part) one very important positive--the disappearance of diaper rash. The latest models of...

Poopy principal 'pologizes

What's an elementary school principal to do when he's got a problem with students spreading feces on the floor and toilets in the girls' bathroom? Well, he send a note home to parents asking them to talk to their children about the problem, he could ...


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