Parenting Websites Perpetuate Myths of Postpartum Depression

I like parenting and "mommy" websites. I love ParentDish (bias, anyone?) and I enjoy checking out all of the other sites as well. I follow them on Twitter. I watch their bloggers. I know that gobs of women visit these websites, too, and pay close a...Why is the media perpetuating the myth that moms with PPD are murderous villains who are not to be trusted?

Heather Armstrong on Parenting, PPD, and Her Love for Brad Pitt

By now, you probably know the back story: In 2001, Heather Armstrong started a blog she called Dooce (after her repeated and much-mocked typo for "dude") where she wrote about things like her love of Carnation milk and her boss. A year later, aft...

Angelina Jolie suffering from post-partum depression?

I'm not at all inclined to believe any of the flotsam floating around out there about the state of Angelina Jolie's twins' health. I am inclined to believe, however, the bits about Angelina suffering from post partum depression (PPD). Ange is a mom j...

Baby gender and baby blues

A recent article on MSN asks the question: Are baby boys more depressing? Seems there is some thought out there that gender plays a role in the amount of a new mom's post-partum depression. PPD, also known as the baby blues, affects many women (10% ...

Second Time Around: Crazy Olfactory Cravings

I can't explain it, but instead of avoiding strong smells like I did in my previous pregnancy, I am LOVING odors. Especially toxic odors. Paint, gas, freshly lit cigarettes -- the list goes on. A visit to the hardware store makes me intoxicated as I ...

ParentDish Sleepover for Sunday, July 15, 2007

Here it is, once again, the end of the weekend. The kids are enjoying a much needed nap, giving me a chance to trip lightly across the internet. Here are some pretty fascinating posts I came across out there in the hinterland. This first post makes m...

Britney Spears claims shaved head a result of post-partum depression

There's a lot of spinning going on with respect to Britney Spears' recent bout of troubling behavior, and I'm not the one to untangle any web of misinformation (primarily because I don't really care). But what I do think is interesting and relevant t...

Texas mom pleads 'not guilty' at second murder trial

Andrea Yates, the Texas mom charged in the drowning deaths of her three of her children, today pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity as a judge set a new trial date. Jurors found her guilty during the first capital murder trial in 2002, where she ...


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