Can Kids Play by Themselves at the Park?

Yes, yes, it's my idea: "Take Our Kids to the Park...And Leave Them There Day." Some people think it's crazy -- usually because they think I'm suggesting leaving kids there all day (I actually say even 10 minutes is a good start), and also because ...

Is Your Child Safe? Take This Quiz to Find Out

June is National Safety Month, Mom. Are your children safe? Although you can't control everything that happens, there are lots of things you can do to prepare your children for emergency and make your home and yard safe for play this summer. Take ...

Hunting pedophiles

I'm not sure why, but when kids hit their teenage years, they suddenly become convinced that they know everything. Of course, they don't. This, however, makes them vulnerable to manipulation by those with dishonorable intentions. It used to be, howev...

New York investigates Facebook

I have to admit, I don't get Facebook. Admittedly, I haven't invested much time in exploring its capabilities, but on the face of it, it seems rather simplistic. Apparently, however, it's very popular with kids and adults alike. Of course, whenever y...

Are we teaching kids to fear men?

A while back, I wrote about men in the UK shying away from volunteer work with children for fear of being labeled as pedophiles. Based on the comments I received, this isn't an uncommon fear. Are we, as parents, teaching our children to fear men? Th...

NBC paid for pedophile sting

NBC's prime time news show, Dateline, is facing several ethical questions after paying for a pedophile sting operation in Ohio. The show's producers admit they arranged the operation with an organization called 'Perverted Justice' which tries to cat...


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