Josie Duggar Returns to Hospital

Little Josie Duggar has been readmitted to the hospital. Credit: TLC
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar celebrated the homecoming of their 19th child, Josie, last week, but the littlest Duggar is back in the hospital after her vital signs dropped sudd...

NJ preemie going home!

Well, the tears in my eyes today are not of sadness, but of joy. This is a beautiful story you may have been following since this past April. On April 25th (via C-section), little--and I mean little, as in she weighed less than a soda can!--Tamera D...

Miracle baby about to go home

One of the smallest babies ever to have been born in Britain will be leaving the hospital with her parents today. Doctor's at the British neonatal unit say little Ruby Angel is one of the smallest surviving babies they can remember.  She weighed...

Premature babies help save lives with blog

Sarah Gilbert brought us the story of the Allen family and their blog which has kept family and friends informed about their premature baby. I found a similar story from the UK where Edmund and Aubrey Holdcroft's parents have used the internet to doc...

Blog keeps preemie in touch with family

David Allen recently wrote us with a tip about just how powerful a tool blogs can be. His blog, reallife, is documenting his newborn’s experience in a special way. David’s wife gave birth to a little boy on Dec. 14th, several months ahead...


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