pregnancy cravings 

25 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

Have you had any weird food cravings yet? Credit: GE Healthcare Many moms-to-be have cravings throughout their pregnancies, whether it's for something they can't have, like a glass of wine, something they'd never normally eat, like a b...

Diuretics and pregnancy

It would seem common sense that a pregnant woman would not take diuretics during pregnancy. Diuretics are often used in weight loss bids, usually to null or sometimes dangerous affect. More often than not pregnant women are trying to gain weight, n...

Jill Hennessy less worried about having second child

Jill Hennessy and her husband, Paolo Mastropietro, are expecting their second child in a few months. The Crossing Jordan star is pregnant with a boy who is due in 6 months. The couple's fist child Marco is 4 years-old. Hennessy says that the second ...

Pregnancy and postpartum cravings

Have you noticed the things labeled as 'pregnancy' symptoms have stuck with you after you've had the baby? I'm referring to things like appetite, sleep patterns and food cravings. Although my appetite did fluctuate, my sleep patterns never really c...

Blogging Baby Size Six: Things I can't live without in pregnancy

Normally I'm a pretty insane chilled out person. Compared to the pregnant me that is, the regular me seems like a walk in the park. The pregnant me, however, WANTS things, has to HAVE things, RIGHT NOW! I think that for Valentine's I should have give...

Breastfeeding cravings different than pregnancy cravings?

Only a few months after giving birth to my first son, Everett, I went to court to defend my employer in a contractual matter. Opposing counsel was pregnant, and while my boss and his nemesis were trying to work things out in the hall, we chatted abou...


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