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Stroke Rates Up in Pregnant Women, New Moms, Study Finds

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We've asked this before, but don't pregnant women have enough to worry about already?
Now, you can add an increase in stroke rates to their list of health concerns. According to the Wall Street Journal, resea...
An increase in women who face obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure could be to blame.

Wait it Out: Babies Born Before 39 Weeks Face Health Risks, Experts Warn

Credit: Getty Images You plan your work schedules, your vacations, your children's playdates, your weekend entertainment and pretty much every other event in your life, so why should it come as a surprise that you want you want to sche...More women are scheduling their baby's birth early, but doctors say that can be harmful to the infant.

Domestic Violence Reaches the Womb, Study Finds

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Research suggests domestic violence affects children -- even in the womb.
According to U.S. News & World Report, researchers have found pregnant women who endure abusive husbands and boyfriends risk passing on the ...
Study says kids can be stressed out all of their lives from abuse experienced in vitro.

Pregnant Moms: Get Flu Vaccine to Keep Babies From Getting Sick, Researchers Say

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Don't want to take any chances when it comes to keeping your newborn from catching the flu? Get the influenza vaccine while you're still pregnant.
Researchers have found babies born to to moms who got the shot w...
Study finds an infant's chance of getting the flu drops by nearly 50 percent when mom gets a shot while pregnant.

Taking Prenatal Vitamins in First Month of Pregnancy Can Reduce Autism Risk, Study Finds

Prenatal vitamins reduces chances of autism. Credit: Corbis Doctors have been telling women for years to take their prenatal vitamins during pregnancy, but now there's new reason to start taking them before you even plan to have a baby...Prenatal vitamins taken before pregnancy or in the first month can help ward off autism.

Pregnancy Weight Loss Can Be Safe for Obese Women

Severely obese women who lost weight, rather than gaining the recommended amount, had less need for C-sections and were less likely to deliver large newborns. Credit: Getty Images According to a new study that seems to buck traditional...Severely obese women (those with a BMI of 40 or higher) could actually benefit from losing weight.

Website to the Rescue for New Mama Baby Health Drama

HealthTap brings the physician back into the health care equation. Credit: Getty Images It's a new-mom's dream come true: When you wake up in the middle of the night and can't calm your squalling newborn, or Junior breaks out in a nast...A new site provides mommies with any health questions they may have 24/7.

Canadian Researchers Find Test for Deadly Pregnancy Condition

A team of researchers in Canada may have found a way to predict whether or not pregnant moms will suffer from pre-eclampsia, a disease that can endanger the lives of both mother and child. reports that researchers from the University ...A team of researchers in Canada may have found a way to predict whether or not pregnant moms will suffer from pre-eclampsia, a disease that can endanger the lives of both mother and child.

Would You Drink for Two?

Is a little vino that bad for your bambio? Credit: Getty Images
No raw fish, no unpasteurized cheese, no deli meat, no hair dye -- and no wine, for sure. Those are just a few of the so-called "rules" pregnant women are subject to for nine months,...

Canadian Pregnancy Weight Gain Guidelines

Health Canada recently changed the recommended amount of baby weight that women should gain during pregnancy. The numbers may not be vastly different than before, but they now follow the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations and are aligned w...

Labour and delivery: the real worries

I am going to make an admission I've never uttered before: my deepest, darkest labour fear did not have anything to do with pain or epidurals or how to get through contractions. No. I was most worried about pooping on a table in front of a room full ...


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