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Eating During Pregnancy Doesn't Mean Double Meals

Cookies? Yum, but fresh fruit is a better option during pregnancy. Credit: Getty Images
Sure, you can eat more when you are pregnant. But don't think you are eating for two, despite the time-worn axiom.
With all the cravings and anx...
If you're looking for pregnancy to be an excuse to excessively eat, think again.

U.S. Teen Birth Rate Hits Record Low, CDC Reports

Not only is the overall U.S. birth rate down, but women are having their children later in life, as well. Credit: Getty
Looks like all those free condom giveaways might be doing the trick, after all. The birth rate for U.S. teen...
The birth rate for U.S. teens fell to the lowest level ever recorded in 70 years of tracking teenage childbearing.

Canadian Pregnancy Weight Gain Guidelines

Health Canada recently changed the recommended amount of baby weight that women should gain during pregnancy. The numbers may not be vastly different than before, but they now follow the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations and are aligned w...

10 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

Have you started wearing maternity clothes yet? Credit: GE Healthcare You're a quarter of the way there, and you may not even feel pregnant yet! Don't worry, that will soon change, as baby -- and you -- start gaining weight and you fee...

26 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

You'll grow about 1/2 inch per week throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Credit: GE Healthcare You're almost there -- just 14 weeks to go! If your baby were born now, there's a very good chance he'd survive: 80 percent of babies born...

New-mom body issues

Clicking over to Baby Center's latest, a new-mom body survey, I had to pause after the first sentence: "Gone are the days when the postpartum period meant throwing on a baggy sweatshirt and forgetting about your body for a while." What? Really? ...

Study: Sleep more to lose the baby weight

If you are having trouble dropping those pounds you gained during pregnancy, perhaps you just need more sleep. According to new research, getting a few extra hours in each day will not only help you feel better, but will assist you getting back to yo...

Dieting between pregnancies bad for baby

Being pregnant means gaining weight - that is just the way it works. I know that when I was pregnant, I took the opportunity to indulge in whatever I craved. I gave birth twenty-five years ago and still remember the food I ate during my pregnancy. My...

Hormones After Pregnancy: What's the Norm?

What is it with these pregnancy hormones? I haven't been pregnant for over three months, yet there they are, still lurking in my system, ready to pop up unannounced and unexpected when I least want them to. Like at job interviews or when I am trying...

Enough with the "how she'll lose the baby weight" articles

I admit I love my daily dose of crappy pop culture. Yes, I'd usually rather read about Jessica Alba's rocky love life than the latest atrocities in Iraq, because, well, sometimes my brain is full. Fluff hurts a lot less than barb. As I was flipping t...

Gena Lee Nolin: Motherhood more important than career

I must admit that I'm a little more interested in Gena Lee Nolin and Cale Hulse than most celebrity couples, because Cale is a bit of a hometown hero. Actually, I didn't realize he was still playing hockey, but he did go to my high school and has a p...


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