Eating During Pregnancy Doesn't Mean Double Meals

Cookies? Yum, but fresh fruit is a better option during pregnancy. Credit: Getty Images
Sure, you can eat more when you are pregnant. But don't think you are eating for two, despite the time-worn axiom.
With all the cravings and anx...
If you're looking for pregnancy to be an excuse to excessively eat, think again.

It's Possible to Get Pregnant Soon After Birth, Study Shows

If you just had a baby and aren't ready for the next one just yet, best use birth control. Credit: Getty Images Remember when, shortly after giving birth, your baby doctor marched into the room with a checklist of dos and don'ts to fol...Study says it's best to consider contraception as soon as three weeks after giving birth.

Miscarriage Mourning Lingers, Even After a Healthy Baby is Born, Study Shows

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Sadness from a miscarriage can last a lifetime. Credit: Getty Images
The grief following a miscarriage or stillborn is a loss that can lead to anxiety and depression, but researchers are now dis...
The grief following a miscarriage loss can lead to prolonged psychological distress even after mothers deliver healthy babies.

Down Syndrome Blood Test May Soon Be Available

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Down syndrome blood test
A simple Down syndrome blood test may soon take the place of risky, invasive procedures in predicting whether a baby will have the condition, Reuters reports.
Testing o...
New Down syndrome findings will have a significant impact worldwide, researchers say.

Hospitals Push for Full-Term Deliveries to Improve Baby's Health

Experts say delivering at full-term can help prevent complications for Mom and baby. Credit: Sam Yeh, AFP/Getty Images Considering an early delivery for scheduling or other non-medical purposes? It may be best to wait. According t...Anxious to deliver your baby a couple weeks early? Sorry. It's best to wait it out.

Autism Risk Higher With Closely-Spaced Pregnancies

The timing of pregnancies could affect autism odds. Credit: Getty Images More fuel to throw on the burning autism debate: A new study says how closely together children are born may play a role. Second children who are conceived with...Second children who are conceived within a year of their older sibling's birth were more than three times more likely to be diagnosed with autism, according to a study.

HOTmilk Real Woman Model Search

Enter the HOTmilk model search contest and win a photo shoot for February 2011. Credit: HOTmilk HOTmilk, the company that sells fabulous lingerie for pregnant and nursing moms, has announced its "Real Woman Model Search," in a quest ...Pregnant? Nursing? You could be new face of maternity lingerie brand.

Maternity Fashion Tips for the 3rd Trimester

Fashion can be a challenge for third trimester mommies. Credit: Getty Images
Fashion doesn't stop -- even when you're in your third trimester and must wear a maternity support band.
But even when you're at your biggest, by keeping i...
Fashion doesn't stop -- even when you're in your third trimester.

Want to Make a Baby? Check Out the Latest App

A new IVF app may help predict the potential for pregnancy. Credit: Getty Before heading down the sometimes emotionally traumatic, often dignity-gobbling and not to mention way expensive road to conception through in vitro fertilizat...Want help predicting IVF success? There's an app for that.

Epidural-Related Deaths in Childbirth on the Rise, but Still Rare

A new thing for pregnant women to worry about: complications from epidurals. Credit: Getty
Whatever happened to spending nine months in a state of bliss, anticipating your baby's arrival?
These days, it seems every hour a new stress...
Women who died from complications from epidurals and spinal blocks during childbirth has risen since the mid-1990s.

Prenatal Vitamin Supplements Linked to Kids' Intelligence, Motor Skills

Can folic acid and iron supplements create a race of supermen? Well, they do help with intelligence and fine motor skills. Credit: Timothy A. Clary, AFP/Getty Images
It all started when Dr. Doom was still in the womb.
His mother t...
Folic acid and iron supplements capable of creating geniuses who can play sports?

Would You Get a Vaginal Steam Bath to Help You Get Pregnant?

What would you do to get pregnant? Credit: Getty Images Some women go to great lengths to get pregnant and try all sorts of fertility treatments. The vaginal steam bath is not a fertility treatment per se, but some think it could hel...

Do Birth Plans Help or Hurt Women?

Paint the nursery. Buy the onesies. Write the birth plan. These days, women are encouraged to create birth plans as part of their preparation for having a baby. In them, the mom-to-be describes what she does or does not want to have happen during c...You might have a plan, but plan for things to not go according to plan.

Surrogacy Goes Global With Concierge-Like Ordering Service

Where in the world would you like your surrogate to be from? An online service lets you pick and choose. Credit: Getty Remember when nesting for baby meant selecting the nursery decor, layette and cutesy crib mobile, and meticulously...Place your baby order now! Surrogate from Italy. Sperm donor from India. Egg donor from Bulgaria.

Can Hypnobirthing Lead to Pain-Free Labor and Delivery?

Would you try hypnobirthing? Credit: Getty
The newest trend to hit the birthing education front is hypnobirthing, a technique that incorporates hypnosis into labor, the Wall Street Journal reports. The concept is a lot like using hypnosis for ...
You're getting very, very sleepy. You will feel no pain. Now, go deliver that baby.


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