pregnant man 

Pregnant Man Sheds Baby Weight, Shows Off New Bod

Yeah, we get jealous when we see the Madonnas and the Victoria Beckhams and the Jessica Albas of the world go from pregnant back to size 0 in what seems like a matter of hours.
Now we have Thomas Beatie to add to our list. So, no Beatie isn't a ...
Pregnant Man has ripped abs after giving birth to third baby.

Thomas Beatie - Pregnant Man Getting Death Threats

Thomas Beatie, aka The Pregnant Man
Thomas Beatie, a.k.a. the pregnant man, recently announced that he and wife Nancy are expecting again. Deciding to go for baby number two is a big decision in any family, but the Beatie's situatio...

Pregnant Man is Pregnant Again

Remember that guy who had a baby earlier this year? Well, he and his wife Nancy are having another! Thomas Beatie is a transgender - he was born a woman but after undergoing gender reassignment surgery, he is legally considered a male. He elected ...

Pregnant husband

Lots of husbands jokingly tell their pregnant wives they'd gladly carry the baby if they could, but one Oregon man is actually bearing the child his wife wasn't able to. The husband is transgender, meaning while legally considered a male and lawful...


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