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Naked Moms: Expectant Mothers Show Off Their Baby Bumps

Pregnant model Miranda Kerr, with husband Orlando Bloom, poses nude in the latest issue of W Magazine. Credit: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Remember muumuus, mom jeans with stretch panels and all those loose, billowing...Demi Moore opened the door to naked pregnant women flaunting their bellies.

ABC's 20/20 story on breastfeeding, follow up

I watched ABC's 20/20 episode, which I mentioned in a post yesterday. Right before it came on, I got a comment on that post from Linda Doty, saying she had the TV on, so I emailed her and asked her what time zone she was in. It turns out that we live...

Pregnant women shouldn't take vitamin E?

Here's another study on yet another thing pregnant women should not ingest in high doses, and this time it's a vitamin. Trial tests involving vitamin E have revealed that it doubled the rate of stillbirths, led to low birth weight, and increased heal...


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