It's Possible to Get Pregnant Soon After Birth, Study Shows

If you just had a baby and aren't ready for the next one just yet, best use birth control. Credit: Getty Images Remember when, shortly after giving birth, your baby doctor marched into the room with a checklist of dos and don'ts to fol...Study says it's best to consider contraception as soon as three weeks after giving birth.

Maternity Fashion Tips for the 3rd Trimester

Fashion can be a challenge for third trimester mommies. Credit: Getty Images
Fashion doesn't stop -- even when you're in your third trimester and must wear a maternity support band.
But even when you're at your biggest, by keeping i...
Fashion doesn't stop -- even when you're in your third trimester.

Would You Get a Vaginal Steam Bath to Help You Get Pregnant?

What would you do to get pregnant? Credit: Getty Images Some women go to great lengths to get pregnant and try all sorts of fertility treatments. The vaginal steam bath is not a fertility treatment per se, but some think it could hel...

Do Birth Plans Help or Hurt Women?

Paint the nursery. Buy the onesies. Write the birth plan. These days, women are encouraged to create birth plans as part of their preparation for having a baby. In them, the mom-to-be describes what she does or does not want to have happen during c...You might have a plan, but plan for things to not go according to plan.

Pregnant? Unplug the Vacuum and Put Down That Mop

Another excuse to take a load off: Pregnancy is not the time for household chores, according to a new study. Credit: Getty Images
In a scene reminiscent of recent Swiffer commercials, brooms and mops may soon be crooning "Baby Come Back" to pre...

Despite Doctors' Concerns, Many Pregnant Women Demand Anti-Depression Meds

Katherine Stone, founder of Postpartum Progress, pictured here with her son, says people don't understand how dangerous untreated depression can be for pregnant women and their unborn children. Photo courtesy of Katherine Stone
Like most new p...

Pregnancy: Week by Week

Get ready for parenthood. Credit: GE Healthcare Having a baby? Congratulations! We've got you covered with our comprehensive pregnancy guide, so check back each week to find out what's going on with your body and the development of your...

15 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

You might be able to feel the top of your uterus four to five inches under your belly button. Credit: GE Healthcare Sleep is much easier in the second trimester; just try not to sleep on your back, as it can decrease circulation to you...

Michelle Duggar Hospitalized; Thanks Fans For Good Wishes

Michelle Duggar is expecting her 19th baby. Credit: Beth Hall, AP
Uber-mom Michelle Duggar, pregnant with her 19th child, was rushed to the hospital this past weekend. According to media reports, the baby is just fine. Michelle and her hu...

Signs of Labor

Knowing the signs of labor can help prepare for delivery. Credit: Getty Images
Knowing the signs of labor can help a pregnant woman feel more comfortable and confident as she approaches her due date. A woman's body begins preparing for delivery...

22 Weeks Pregnant: What happens?

At 22 weeks pregnant, an expectant mother is in the middle of her second trimester and may start to feel some movement in the womb. The baby is approximately 10 inches and nearly a pound. Her organs are developing at a rapid rate and she may now be m...

12 Weeks Pregnant: What Happens?

As your near the end of the first trimester of your pregnancy, your baby is changing rapidly and you may begin to notice differences in your own body. By the end of the 12th week, your baby is about is about 3.15 inches long and weighs about one ounc...

Labor and Delivery: What You Need to Know

Labor and delivery, then hello baby! Credit: Getty Images
Labor and delivery are the final stages of pregnancy when a woman gives birth to a child. The process of labor and delivery typically begins about 38 weeks after conception or 40 weeks f...

Jude Law's New Baby Makes Her First Appearance

Jude Law's baby daughter Sophia has had her first taste of what her life will be like - she nabbed the front cover of a magazine at the tender age of one month. Sophia's mother, model Samantha Burke, reckons the baby looks like her Hollywood star fat...

Pollution Could Increase Risk of Miscarriage, New Study Shows

There could be a link between high levels of pollution and miscarriage, according to new research. Experts found that levels of pollution just above the "safe" amount could increase the risk of miscarriage. The study was carried out by the University...


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