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Number of Home Births Increasing in the U.S.

A study found the number of home births shot up 20 percent between 2004 and 2008. Credit: Getty Images
More and more babies are being born at home for reasons ranging from the philosophical to the financial.
"Women may prefer a home...
Reasons for home births can be both philosophical and financial.

U.S. Sees Fewer Premature Births for Second Straight Year

Premature birth rates are on their way down. Credit: Damon Dahlen, AOL
The risk of having a premature baby -- with the health problems that portends -- might be decreasing. Researchers at the National Center for Health Statistics report this ...

March of Dimes urges FDA drug approval

In a news release today, the March of Dimes urged Food and Drug Administration officials to promptly approve a commercial progesterone therapy that appears to prevent some premature births. Dr. Nancy Green, March of Dimes medical director, testified ...

Premature births in the United States

12.5% of babies are born premature in the U.S., a total of half a million babies each year. This reflects an increase of over 30% during the last twenty-five years, according to two new reports, one by the Institute of Medicine and the other by the N...

Baby born to brain dead woman is doing well

A baby girl was born to a brain dead woman in Milan, Italy last week. The baby was born, via Cesarean section, two months early. The mother had suffered a brain aneurysm in March and was declared brain dead soon after, she had been kept alive for 78 ...

Create a healthy plan, then try for a baby

By the time most women see a doctor for their first pre-natal visit, they are about 8 weeks pregnant. But according to Dr. Peter Bernstein, a maternal and fetal medicine specialist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, eight weeks is too long to ...


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