March of Dimes Gives U.S. a "D" in Premature Births

By 2010, the federal government hopes to reduce premature births to no more than 7.6 percent born before 37 weeks. It looks like they have a lot of work to do to reach their goal. The March of Dimes recently graded each of the 50 states on a repor...

Mom donates 100 gallons of breast milk

When Leo and Kelley Durant lost one of their twins after a premature delivery, they could have easily and understandably turned inward and focused only on raising Cameron, their surviving son. But instead, Kelley wanted to do something in honor of he...

Anything to declare? Only this baby we had mid-flight

So you're a little less than 6 months pregnant, and you decide to take one last vacation before your life is consumed by the responsibilities of parenthood. But then the unthinkable happens, and you go into labor on the plane. Honestly, it's hard to...

Identical triplets born in Austria

The odds of triplets aren't exactly high to begin with, and the odds of identical triplets are even more unlikely -- 1 in 200 million, to be exact. Nevertheless, Zoe, Kim and Amy, three identical baby girls, arrived yesterday -- conceived without fer...

Miracle Baby to remain in hospital - for now

Last October, a baby girl named Amillia Sonja Taylor was born after just 22 weeks in the womb, making her one of the world's shortest-term babies that has survived. Weighing in at only 10 oz (!!!) with a length of just 9.5 inches, Amillia was deliver...

Baby survives operation in the womb

A baby who had a lung tumour removed while he was still in utero is doing well at home. A routine ultrasound at 20 weeks gestation showed that baby William Capehorm had a tumour. It was decided that it would be removed while he was still in the womb....

Premature birth and ADHD

A few weeks ago, I wrote about controversy surrounding ADHD drugs. Now, the BBC is profiling a Danish study that suggests that premature birth might be related to the disorder. Previous studies have suggested a link between premature birth an A...

Premature babies help save lives with blog

Sarah Gilbert brought us the story of the Allen family and their blog which has kept family and friends informed about their premature baby. I found a similar story from the UK where Edmund and Aubrey Holdcroft's parents have used the internet to doc...


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