Report Shows 1 in 9 Teens Getting Dangerous Prescriptions

Is your teen getting hooked on prescription drugs? Credit: Getty Images
True, the usual intoxicants -- alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and other illegal drugs -- cause concern for many parents of teens. But now a new type of threat for addiction and ...
Another thing for parents to worry about: Teens dipping into the medicine cabinet for prescription drugs.

Farmers' Daughters (and Sons) More Likely to Misuse Prescription Drugs Than Urban Peers

Rural teens are more likely than their urban counterparts to dip into the medicine cabinet. Credit: Getty Images
Contrary to popular belief that the world's a popping, snorting, prescription drug pharmacy for city-dwelling teens, it turns out the...
Urban and rural teens experiment with illegal drugs the same amount -- but the country kids are more likely to dip into Mom and Dad's prescription pills.

Child in Post-operative Pain? You're on Your Own

Many parents are reportedly left on their own to deal with children in pain following surgery. Credit: Getty Images
Your child is in pain following surgery? That's your problem. USA Today reports most children are sent home the same day they...

1 in 5 High Schoolers Abuse Prescription Drugs, Report Finds

Teens say they use drugs to help them study. Credit: Getty Images
ATLANTA (AP) - A new report shows one in five high school students have taken a prescription drug that they didn't get from a doctor. The abused drugs include pain pills and atte...

Prescription Drug Use On the Rise in Children

More than one in four insured children are now reported to regularly take prescription medication in the U.S. Credit: Getty Images
Prescription drug use in American children rose by 5 percent in 2009, the highest of any other single demograph...

Study: Teen drug use declining

I recently watched a documentary on the history of drugs. It seems that human beings have been getting high forever and the only thing that really changes is the drug of choice. And while the good news is that a new study by University of Michigan's ...

Al Gore III in trouble for speeding and drugs

It must be hard to be the child of a public person. Not only does everybody know who your parent is, you likely feel the pressure to live up to that image. And if you are not able to follow in the footsteps of your famous parent, many people know. In...


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