Baby video pulled because of Prince song -video

If you're thinking about posting a YouTube clip with a Prince song playing in the background, you might offend The Purple One. A video of an eighteen-month-old going, well, crazy to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" was pulled for copyright infringement, re...

Celebrities today-video

With so many celebrities behaving badly in public, it seems quaint that the most scandalous celebrity events during my impressionable years weren't even actual events, they were songs:
Like a Virgin
Papa Don't Preach Anything by Prince (Alt...

Dancing toddler creates copyright battle

I don't know anyone with kids who hasn't made a home video of them dancing. My daughter does a weird combo of moshing, ballet and crunk every time we listen to They Might Be Giants, and my friend's 1-year-old does disco moves to Justin Timberlake -...

Prince's half-time show a phallic thing?

I'm not a big Super Bowl person. In fact, I didn't even know the Colts were from Indiana until I sat down at a friend's house to watch the game. Okay, truth be told it was an excuse for a few mothers to get together for a drink while our kids watched...

Future King of Denmark receives his name

From the Sydney Morning Herald: The half-Australian future king of Denmark officially has a name: Christian Valdemar Henri John. The tiny prince was christianed Friday evening, "surrounded by the cream of European royalty." Apparently, his fourth nam...


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