10 Ways to Teach Your Kids Compassion

Craig Kielburger became famous when, at only twelve years old, he founded a charitable organization to fight child exploitation called Free the Children. Since its humble beginnings in the Kielburger family home in 1995, Free the Children has develop...

Time Management Myths

Years after I quit believing in Santa Claus and cellulite creams, I still clung to belief that living a "balanced" life was possible. In my mind I envisioned a slender, married mother of three who had mastered the time-management system that smooth...

Jennifer Lopez was selfish for first time during pregnancy

Twins Max and Emme are six-months-old, and mom Jennifer Lopez is sharing how she slowed down once she found out she was pregnant to savor the experience. She told husband Marc Anthony shortly after she found out she was pregnant, "...this is the firs...


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