Do You Search Your Child's Bedroom?

Are you wondering what to look for when you search your child's bedroom? New York State Senator Eric Adams wants to show you. Literally show you. On YouTube. Here's the video: Who says government officials aren't looking out for us? Adams, ...A New York politician says that children have no legal right to privacy while they live in your home.

Bathroom Cameras a Good Thing, Says School

Someone installs cameras in the school bathrooms, hoping to catch teenage girls involved in some "horseplay." Sounds like it's time to call the police, yes? Or Joe Francis. But wait, not only is the school well aware of the situation, it put them the...

Michelle Williams Wishes the Paparazzi Would Leave Her Alone

When ex boyfriend Heath Ledger died, Michelle Williams became the poster child for his grieving family and friends. A quiet, gentle woman, mother of his child ... the world couldn't look away. But Michelle Williams really, really wishes they would. ...

Google Maps too detailed for one mom

Before I met my friend Sarah in real life, we knew each other through our blogs. I remember instant messaging her to ask for her home address to send a gift. After giving it to me, she said, "There, now you can Google map me and see what a nice roof ...

Hello Kitty privacy sticker for your teen's cellphone

I remember, when I was a teenager, constantly being in fear of my parents stumbling across incriminating emails, text messages, etc. While, in all honesty, they would've had good reason to snoop (I was often up to no good), I realize now that they wo...

Respecting my daughter's 'space'

A few weeks ago, my adult daughter Christy came over for a visit and used my computer to check her email. After she left, I realized she had left her MySpace page up on the screen. I knew she had a MySpace page, I had just never seen it. It's a priva...

Britain to fingerprint all 11-15 year-olds?

The UK has become increasingly concerned with security in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in the U.S., and the devastating bombings on the city's Underground subway system. Now, in further attempts to keep tabs on its citizens, the country is considerin...

When is attention to your children, too much?

I just returned from a fun errand with Truman in the bike trailer. We hung out downtown, where everyone commented on his happy perfection. A man heading to his smoke break helped me park the trailer, which wanted to poke out into the truck loading zo...

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt must approve journalists' entry to Namibia

What do you think, Dear Readers? Are journalists correct in their outrage over the Namibian government's protection of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Currently, journalists must obtain Jolie and Pitt's written permission to enter the country. And the ...

Brangelina protected from journalists in Namibia

Angelina Jolie may have had alternative reasons for choosing to visit Namibia, Africa, during the last part of her pregnancy. Jolie first fell in love with Namibia during the fiming of Beyond Borders. In Namibia, journalists have to be accredited. Th...


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