Olympic Fun at Home: Cooperation Meets Competition

A Facebook friend posted yesterday that his four-year-old son was speed skating non-stop in the living room. Apparently, this dad had his finger on a trend, because reports began pouring in from other parents. Pairs figure skating in the dining room....

DailyDish - English muffin mini-pizzas

Cooking with kids can be fun, easy and nutritious! Start with mini-pizzas....

Debunking preconceived notions about adoption

For all of us who have either adopted or are planning to adopt, this piece does a good job of debunking some of the preconceived (i.e., inaccurate) notions that people may have about the concept of adopting a child or about the process. While I have...

The dark secrets behind Guatemalan adoptions

Adoptions from Guatemala have proved very popular over the past few years. There were nearly 4,500 completed last year, and it looks like more will take place this year. However, this story gives strong indications that there are many irregularities ...

Getting a perspective on what other parties in the adoption process are thinking

I ran across this piece the other day written by an attorney who assumes the roles of all the respective parties in an adoption--the child, the birthmother, the biological father, and the adoptive parent. She writes a couple of paragraphs in each of ...


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