Boy, 6, Paints Like a Master

Kieron Williamson has stunned the art world with his beautiful watercolors. Credit: Albanpix, Rex USA
The art world's newest sensation isn't an Oscar-winner-turned-painter or a brooding ladies' man. Rather, the name rolling off the tongues of Bri...

Piano Prodigy, 6, to Play Carnegie Hall

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! Oh, and it also helps to have enormous natural talent. Six-year-old Clara Tu of Southbury, Conn., has three upcoming performances on the famous stage, which she earned by winning various competitions, N...

Tennis Prodigy Not Old Enough for Kindergarten

It's no secret I don't care for organized sports, especially for kids. I believe they cause far too much stress, encourage an unhealthy emphasis on winning and create over-inflated egos -- and that's just the parents. Kids stand to lose much more, in...

Akiane, child prodigy and inspiration

Akiane Kramarik is a 12-year-old girl who claims to have been visited by God at the age of three. She says this spiritual experience led her to begin drawing portraits at the age of four and by six, she was recreating her visions in stunning painting...

11-year-old golfer competes against the pros

Most of us were so awkward at age 11 that simple tasks like walking and talking were complicated affairs. This, however, is not the case for Ariya Jutanukarn, the Thai tween who has recently become the youngest golfer ever to compete in a major inter...

What age did your child begin playing a musical instrument?

When my youngest son, Tommy, was seven, he showed an interest in playing the piano. He "played" it at home and made up songs and played with a keyboard we have. So, we asked him if he would like to begin taking piano lessons and he said yes. But aft...

Teen fronts Russian orchestra on debut CD

Think back to your teenage years: What were you doing? If you were like me, your major ambitions were probably hanging out with some friends on the weekend and worrying about your biology test. One New Jersey teen has made her own CD and traveled qui...

Teenager earns an MBA

From  Today, Jessica Meeker will earn her MBA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. That statement above, in and of itself, is not too startling.  What is surprising, however, is that Jessica Meeker is only 18 years old. At...


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