Hide the Beer - Professors Are Saving on Rent and Moving Into College Dorms

The newest trend on college campuses? Professors -- and sometimes their families -- as dorm dwellers. Lured by rent-free living, coaxed by culinary upgrades at campus cafeterias and yearning to recapture youth, professors are lofting their beds ...Dozens of colleges, from Colorado to North Carolina to Washington, D.C., are renewing an old tradition where professors lived in dorms in exchange for free rent.

Professors and students are dorm neighbors

I had some doozies when it came to my dorm mates in college. There was the girl that insisted that everything in her room had to be purple. Then there was the girl who had sex with her boyfriend in the good shower in our community bathroom. My person...

How not to spend an arm and a leg on college text books

College is an astronomical expense. After tuition and housing one of the biggest drains is the buying of textbooks. Many books start at about $75 and some run in to the $200 range. There are used texts available but they are often nonexistent by the ...


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