Engaged and underage

As you may be aware, MTV has a show on the air called Engaged and Underage. Now in its second season, the show follows young couples headed down the aisle--couples family and friends think are too young to be doing so. Last year's season introduce...

Video game design for kids

Video games and kids -- you can argue about whether or not they make a good combination, but there's no question that the latter loves the former. But even if you don't approve of playing video games, writing them is certainly a different story. Only...

Can battlestar galactica save your marriage?

I was always under the impression that television was ultimately doom for a married couple, especially if they had kids or were ever planning on having sex again. One couple takes on that debate in a recent article from MSN TV News. According to aut...

Scratch: Programming for kids

In my day, there was BASIC -- the Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, a purportedly easy-to-learn, general purpose programming language. When microcomputers started to become available, it was often included as a way to let new owners -...


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