Build a Gingerbread House This Weekend

Nothing says family time like a great craft or cooking project, and a gingerbread house is just that. It's the perfect Saturday activity to keep antsy kids busy while they wait for Santa to come. Historically, it's not clear how the gingerbread h...

Body peace project treaty for teens

Brittany Snow, Ashlee Simpson and Fergie are among the stars to sign a treaty created by teen magazine Seventeen to help teenage girls improve their body image. The Body Peace Project Treaty is being launched by Seventeen Editor In Chief Ann Skoket ...

The five-cent hovercraft

Here's a fun sounding project for a rainy day that won't break the bank -- a homemade hovercraft. I haven't actually tried it yet, but they've got all the materials at the office, so I think I'll snag some for a weekend flight test. It uses two styro...


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