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Girls Staking Claims on Prom Dresses Via Facebook

Back off! That prom dress is mine I already claimed it on Facebook. Credit: Getty Images
It is the ultimate male bonding experience. You get together with your old man and your best male buddies to go shopping for a black tuxedo f...
Websites avoid the trauma of two girls wearing (gasp!) the same dress.

Prom Princess or Porn Star? Talk With Daughters When Shopping for Dance Dresses

This one-shoulder, long dress from David's Bridal is prom perfection. Credit: David's Bridal
Short is cool. But so is long. Pink is definitely trendy. But don't discount the popularity of blue, either. It's hard to go wrong with a princess styl...

Prom safety tips

Woah--is it prom season already? Again? Well, for those of you with children old enough to be fitted for tuxes or satin and tulle, I'm sure you're a little nervous about this whole prom thing. After all, you went to prom. You know what goes on. It w...

Worst prom dresses ever

I didn't go to my high school prom -- mostly because I'd only spent 6 months at that high school, graduated early, and generally felt I was too cool. (Ha.) What I missed, apparently, was a display of high school fashion catastrophes that rivals the...


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