Do Your Kids Need More Energy? Try Chickpeas

Packed with protein and cheap, chickpeas are a great addition to any family meal. Also known as garbanzo beans, Canadian chick peas are grown in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. This edible legume comes in two main forms: Desi and Kabuli. The...

Help! My Teenager Is Going Vegan

Dear Karla, My teenager daughter has decided to follow a group of her friends and skip out on all items that come from animal meat. I am OK if she cuts back a bit, but myself grew up with agriculture all around me, so am a bit confused. Because she ...

Add Lentils to Your Family's Diet for a Quick Fibre Boost

There's a whole lot to love about lentils. These small, lens-like seeds are often referred to as a type of pulse or dal. They're packed full of protein and fibre, and are a great source of plant protein for many diets. Ancient Greeks included lentils...

Melamine found in infant formula prompts recall in China

China has recalled more than 700 tons of infant formula after it was found to be contaminated with melamine. The formula has been attributed to at least one child's death and kidney problems in 50 others. Babies who've consumed the tainted formula ha...

Proteins may give warning of pregnancy complications

From  A presentation given at the annual meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine suggests that by testing for four proteins in a pregnant woman's amniotic fluid, doctors may be able to predict if the woman is at risk of deliv...


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