One Military Mom's Struggle With PTSD

By Louise Farr
Robin Milonas struggles with PTSD after serving in Afghanistan. Credit: Jodi Bieber The police officer saw Robin Milonas, but she didn't see him. And, even if she had, it probably would have made no difference. On that...
This mom didn't expect to be mired in post-traumatic stress disorder.

Children Getting More PTSD, Less TLC From Parents Returning From War

Studies show children get PTSD from their parents Credit: Jessica Hill, AP
Memories of war haunt not only returning soldiers, but also the children they thought they left safely at home. Bumper stickers say insanity is hereditary; you get it...
Bumper stickers say insanity is hereditary; you get it from your children. Post-traumatic stress disorder works in reverse. Particularly in military families, children get it from their parents.

Chilean Miners and Their Families Need Time to Grieve, Regroup

Miner Franklin Lobo, right, embraces his daughter Carolina after he was rescued on Oct. 13.Credit: Gabriel Ortega/Chilean government/AP The families of 33 Chilean miners dramatically rescued yesterday from an underground bunker as the ...The whole range of emotions these 33 men and their families have experienced since the mine collapsed can be likened to a "really long holding of the breath," says Susan Stiffelman, ParentDish's AdviceMama.

Parents of Injured Children at Risk for Stress Disorder

"Putting the kids first" is a well-known mantra that any parent can identify with. And when a child becomes sick or injured, it might seem practical, even essential, for a parent to put aside their own anxious feelings in order to comfort a distresse...

Traumatic birth may put moms at risk for PTSD

Childbirth is no walk in the park, that's for sure. But for a majority of women, the experience is a positive one. We made need a little time to let the memory of painful contractions fade or for stitches to heal, but the rewards definitely outweigh ...

Horror movies might cause emotional damage?

I have to admit: I love a good horror movie. I'm not inclined to choose stalker hockey mask rampage movies, but I like thrillers, especially those with a otherworldly ramifications. Stigmata scared the pants off of me for days, and I loved it. Why I...


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