Nursing/Pumping Mom in NY Times

When I had my daughter, I began seven very long months of pumping breast milk. Since I was committed to feeding her as much breast milk as possible, I brought my trusty pump along with me everywhere. But, as many breastfeeding or pumping moms know, s...

ABC's 20/20 story on breastfeeding, follow up

I watched ABC's 20/20 episode, which I mentioned in a post yesterday. Right before it came on, I got a comment on that post from Linda Doty, saying she had the TV on, so I emailed her and asked her what time zone she was in. It turns out that we live...

Pumping, a photo essay

After the business trip I wrote about here, I was eager to develop & upload all my photos. I'd done a "hidden gems" tour of Princeton I wanted to write about, and I'd taken some fun photos of Washington, D.C.'s Union Station. And I'd a...

The breast pump: feeding babies, easing guilt

Interesting piece at Slate about the breast pump and what they mean for modern mothers. Sarah Gilbert has talked about her pumping experience before and the satisfaction of juggling being a mother with being a working woman who is away from her kids ...

Travelling day three: umm, much better!

I am sitting in my hotel room waiting for my colleagues to arrive for our meeting. Coffee is brewing in the cute little one-mug machine and two full Ziplock bags of breastmilk are resting in our little fridge. And best of all: eight hours of sleep in...

Adoptive Breastfeeding: AfrindieMum tells her story

You know when you stumble across a blog and you are instantly drawn into it and you think you could be friends with that person "IRL"? That's how I felt the moment I found AfrindieMum's blog. When I first started reading her, AfrindieMum was in the p...

Supplementing with formula: my story

"Bunny," my oldest daughter, was born two weeks early and we had a very rough start. Not only was Bunny in the NICU for four days with oxygen saturation issues, but my milk was late coming in. I was given a hospital-grade pump within 24 hours and was...

The 'pumping project' shares working mama stories and photos

Wow, you guys are all about the breastfeeding and pumping, aren't you? I wrote about an experience pumping during a coaching clinic in a small-town high school, and was pleased to see that a group of moms has started a flickr pool on pumping at work....


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