'Quadruplets' Born Three Years Apart

The amazing "quadruplets" born three years apart, Grantham, Lincolnshire, Britain - Feb 2010 Credit: Gary Roberts, Rex / Rex USA
In January, 3-year-old Alice Baxter, of England, became a big sister -- times three. Alice was conceived in 2006, ...

Tune In: "Expecting 15 Babies"

As any parent of multiples knows, the world is fascinated by twins and triplets. And when it comes to quadruplets, quintuplets and sextuplets, the intrigue is even deeper. And Discovery Health's hour-long special, "Expecting 15 Babies," airing...

One of these quadruplets is not like the others

Remember that game they played on Sesame Street where they had four things and you had to spot the one that was different? Well, one family in Maryland gets to play that with their kids now. On January 29th, Amanda and Joshua Prelich became the proud...

Miscarriage means triplets

This has got to have been one heck of an emotional roller-coaster of a pregnancy. Beverley Cunningham, at age forty, was giving it a go to have one last child before she was too old. So naturally, she was devastated when doctors told her she'd had a ...

Identical Quadruplets!

Okay, so quadruplets might not seem like such a big deal these days. Even quadruplets born without any fertility treatments aren't completely unheard of. What does make the Jepp four an extremely rare bunch is the fact that they are identical quads. ...


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