More School Lunches Going Vegetarian

Schools are serving more vegetarian options. Credit: Siege N. Gin, Flickr
Move over, soggy pizza and deep-fried mystery meat -- a new study from the School Nutrition Association says that two out of every three school cafeterias are dishing up...

Kids Drinks - The Good, the Bad, and the Sugary

Ah, the soft drink aisle. Shelves and shelves stacked with bubbly and brightly colored liquids, all seemingly engineered to attract children. Milk? Forget it. Water? How can that compete with a sweet and slippery orange drink that promises a taste ex...

Organic Foods May Not Be Healthier, Report Says

Is organic produce worth the investment? Maybe not. Credit: rhett maxwel, Flickr
Forking over $5 for a pint of organic berries isn't going to make any difference in your overall health – so says a new report in the American Journal of Cl...

Is Ice Cream Bad for You?

If ice cream falls on the pavement, it's still good, right? Photo: stockxpert.com
"So, it's summer," my friend says, "and that means a steady inflow of ice cream into many members of our family. And by 'steady,' I mean daily. And by 'daily,' I...

Breakfast: The most important meal you never get to eat

What did I have for breakfast this morning? Two no-bake cookies and a strawberry-banana smoothie. Well, actually, I had what was left of my girls' smoothies when I hurried to clean up the breakfast dishes and get us all out the door for a doctor's ap...

Kid craft: cereal box wallet

Anyone can have a lemonade stand, but with very few materials (half of which are available right now the recycle bin) your child can create their own wallet/business card empire and TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Or maybe just have some fun and make something...

Take time for breakfast

With another year of school, all of us are undoubtedly busy in the morning. Many people don't eat breakfast because they say they don't have time or think it's a way to save on calories and lose weight. But breakfast can be a very healthy way to star...


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