'Magic' Quilt Prompts Toddler to Speak

The author and her son, Max, on the "magic quilt." Courtesy of Judi Ketteler
As parents, we eagerly look to each milestone -- trying so hard not to compare kids, but desperately wanting to make sure our own are keeping up their peers (and holdi...

What to do with old concert T-shirts

When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time listening to music, and perhaps even more money on t-shirts from the concerts I attended. I've kept them faithfully over the years. In fact, they've traveled from Kentucky to New York several times and h...

Baby Shower Quilt Kits from Wizard Quilts

I'm so not a fan of games at baby showers --- a bunch of grown women trying to feed each other pudding blindfolded, or some other such silliness is not my idea of fun.  Let's just have cake and open gifts -- that's all I need for a good time.&nb...


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