Can't Ride a Bike at 8 - How Bad?

"Hi Sabrina," the email began. (Hi! Thanks for writing!) "My 8 year old son has not learned how to ride a bike yet. Is this really bad? I feel guilty that at this age he doesn't know how to ride." Low bike-skills guilt -- I get it. As moms we a...

Kids and Extracurriculars - When Do You Let Them Quit?

When kids are ready to quit, do you let them?. Photo: sxc.hu
Extracurricular activities are a child's way of trying out new things and figuring out what fits. Dance, at our house, is one activity that never changes -- the kids look forward to ...

Nicole Kidman - Stay at Home Mom?

Nicole Kidman isn't shy about how much she loves being a mom to Sunday Rose. But the Australia star has fallen so hard for motherhood, she's thinking of putting her career on hold. "I'm not saying I'm not that interested in making films anymore," ...

Smoking during pregnancy makes it harder for kids to quit

Smoking while pregnant is a bad idea. It leads to a higher chance of SIDS, ADHD, and obesity. It turns out it also means the child will have more difficulty quitting smoking should they start. According to Edward Levin, Ph.D., a professor of biologic...


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