rabid fox 

Grandma fights a fox and wins

In the left corner, wearing a garden hat and gloves, we have 77-year-old Avis Blakeslee. In the right corner, we have a crazy, rabid fox. Ding ding. That's not exactly how it went down in Avis Blakelee's Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania garden last week, b...

5-year-old boy saves kids from rabid fox

Rabid foxes just aren't what they used to be. There was a time when only the biggest and bravest man could take down a fox that was threatening other humans. Not any more. Mothers and children are rising up and putting the crazy little guys in their ...

Family dog saves kids from rabid fox

I'm surprised I didn't find this article taped to my bathroom mirror by my daughter, who desperately wants a dog. Cinnamon, the Basti family dog, saved four-year-old Joshua Basti and his four-year-old friend Addilyn from a rabid fox attack which cou...


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