"Transracial" adoptions increasingly becoming common

With each passing day we are seeing families with children who don't look exactly like them. Go to the mall on a Saturday and see a blond-haired, blue-eyed mom with an Asian child tagging along behind her, or a dark-haired man holding the hand of his...

How does an anti-male feminist raise a boy?

Debra J. Dickerson, a self-proclaimed feminist who didn't "much like those of the male gender," has an interesting article on Salon.com today. In it, she explores how to raise her son without either "castrating" him or becoming an "ovo-hypocrite" --...

Should elementary schools be allowed to consider race when making admissions decisions?

On Monday, the Supreme Court will decide whether the Constitution allows for schools to use race as a determining factor in their admissions processes. One of the cases before the court deals with Seattle's attempts to have the racial make-up of the...

What would you look like as a different race?

That's what girls at The Ellis School in Pittsburgh were asking themselves before using Nancy Burson's Human Race Machine. The device uses the same "morphing" technology employed by police when constructing an image of a missing person -- allowing th...

"My dad is the Father of the Century"

I'm glad I was working at home when I came across this story; most of my co-workers are not the sorts who think very highly of a grown man crying. This is a pretty cool story of a man whose love for his son drove him -- literally -- to Herculean feat...

How do you talk to your kids about prejudice?: part 2

Yesterday, Irène wrote a very honest post about her family's first encounters with prejudicial behavior. Inspired by her post and out of curiosity for what my own preschooler might say, I decided to have a little chat. After we read bedtime st...


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