Parents Fret as More and More Kids Get CT Scans

More and more kids are getting CT scans. Credit: Corbis
They're bombing our children with radiation! They're bombing our children with radia ...
Calm down. None of this is going to turn your child into a mutant freak. But, yes, t...
Radiation isn't good but won't turn your child into the Hulk.

In Japan, Pregnant Women at Increased Risk for Radiation Exposure, Experts Warn

The risk for radiation poisoning is concerning for pregnant women. Credit: Getty Images For now, experts say the radiation coming from the malfunctioning nuclear power plant in Japan doesn't pose an immediate health threat, beyond work...The risk of radiation poisoning could be more of a concern for pregnant women.

Granite countertops - Hazardous to your health?!

Parents are well aware that kitchens are not the safest of places for kids. However, when you think of danger, sharp knives and hot stoves are what come to mind. The only harm a counter top poses a child is if they happen to if catch their head on a ...

Is WIFI bad for kids?

I've held minor suspicions about our ancient (I am talking circa 1986) microwave in the kitchen. Even though microwaves have been around for dozens of years now, I've never felt totally at ease with the whole notion of "zapping" my food. When I am fo...

Princess cards for Nadine

Nadine is a first grader who lives in Montana. She just turned seven years old. She is undergoing chemotherapy for the second time in her life now. The first time, she had a Wilms tumor on her kidney. The kidney was removed (she was in kindergarten) ...


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