When Movies Don't Match the Ratings

Despite the rating, you never know what you're going to get. Credit: Getty Images When my friends complain about hearing a baby cry during an R-rated movie ("What were those parents thinking?!"), I waste no time chiming in. But I have ...If you're trying to make a decision about whether to see a movie with your child, you can't rely solely on MPAA ratings.

The New Bachelor Is A Single Dad!

Will you be watching this season's offering of The Bachelor? No doubt you're aware of the series, which, with all its red roses allows a single guy to (hopefully) find the gal of his dreams, at least as far as reality television is concerned. Say w...

Are the MPAA's screwed up?

Been to the movies lately? My guess is that, if you did, the film was either animated and/or part of the Disney franchise, one that was full of violence and/or gore, or one that was full of sex. That's basically because most movies out there, at le...

What does a G rating really mean?

Reader Stephanie wrote to ask about movie ratings, specifically the G rating given to Ratatouille, the latest animated film from Pixar. She writes: We took our young son to see Ratatouille this weekend. Most of the content was ok, except a scene in t...

Searching for schools

For years I've been using Reseller Ratings to check up on lesser known internet vendors -- an important task when dealing with online sellers that can literally come and go overnight. Reseller Ratings lets users rate stores and post reviews. It's a g...

Fantastic Four: Unedited, or "family version"? Blogging Baby helps you decide

My wife had work she had to finish last night, so it was up to me to keep the sprouts entertained while she toiled upstairs. What's the best way to pacify four wily children at bedtime? I know - let's rent a violent superhero action flick! I can't re...


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