Kids Who Read to Dogs are Better Students

Dog, Simon, prefers television to books. Credit: Jessica Samakow
What sort of books do you suppose dogs like?
Puppies might go for "Go, Dog. Go!" or the Clifford series, while older dogs might prefer "Old Yeller." (Spoiler alert: Th...
Researchers say storytime should occasionally go to to the dogs.

Typing is Fine, but Handwriting Makes its Mark When it Comes to Learning

Research shows that handwriting increases brain activity. Credit: Getty Images
Sure, typing is a skill kids need to learn earlier and earlier -- what with all the laptops, cell phones and games that require it these days.
But it doe...
Putting pen to paper can help students do better in school, researchers find.

Reading, Playing and Bonding With Children Staves Off Violence, Study Finds

Reading your child a book may stop them from being violent. Credit: Getty Images Want to take extra measures to prevent your kid from growing up to be a bully? Try reading him a book or taking him to the playground for some parent-chil...Study shows bonding with mom can also raise a kid's IQ.

Depressed Dads Spank Kids More Often, Study Shows

A new study finds 7 percent of dads of 1-year-olds are depressed. Credit: Getty With so much focus on maternal post-partum depression, it's easy to overlook the mental health of fathers, but a new study shows depressed dads also are le...Depressed dadswere nearly four times more likely to report spanking their child.

Little Librarian Kit

This mini library set works just like the real thing. Credit: Uncommon Goods
Encourage your child's love of reading with the Little Librarian Kit, complete with everything she needs to turn her book collection into a mini library. ...
The set includes a reading journal so she can keep track of her favorite volumes.

Top 100 Books for Tweens: ParentDish Picks

Lois Lowry's "The Giver" won the Newbery Medal in 1994. Credit: Amazon As much as counting and alphabet books stand out as the choices for young readers, tales of adventurous heroes and heroines pack the reading lists for kids in the...Tales of adventurous heroes and heroines pack the reading lists for kids in their tween years.

Top 100 Books for Toddlers: ParentDish Picks

Pop-up books like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" are a fun way to get toddlers excited about reading. Credit: Amazon As an infant moves into toddlerhood, books become a great companion. A young child reacts more, beg...Help instill a love for reading in your little one with these 100 fantastic picks.

'Your Baby Can Read' ... Really?

Many parents want to have all-star children who mark their territory at the head of the class. But if they're spending lots of money to get them there, they might as well just throw their cash away, "Today" reports. Ads for Your Baby Can Rea...Babies are memorizing, not reading, experts say of Your Baby Can Read kids.

Avoid the Summer Learning Slide With Educational Activities That are Actually Fun

Even during the jam-packed summer months, be sure to keep up with reading and other educational activities. Credit: Getty
Three months of swimming, sleeping late and watching a heck of a lot of TV can undo nine months of learning. In fact, ...

Cool Baby Gifts for Literary Parents

Start 'em reading young. Credit: Getty
If moms- and dads- to-be have bookshelves lined with classics, it's likely they'll impart their love for reading onto their children. But what cool baby gifts do you give the child of literary parents? H...

Read to Kids Often to Encourage a Love of Books

Make reading time family time. Credit: Getty Images
When is a good time to read to your child? Any time! Even if you can only read to your child 10 minutes a day, they will reap the benefits from that time and the books you read. As a stor...

Poor Reading Skills Trap Children in Poverty, Study Shows

Lyndon Johnson said education is the only valid passport out of poverty. The challenge is getting that passport. The Annie E. Casey Foundation released a report Tuesday that claims 85 percent of low-income children attending low-income school...

Study: Better Teachers Help Children Read Faster

Good teachers have a big impact on a student's success. Credit: Getty Images
SEATTLE (AP) - Genetics play the biggest role in determining how fast a child learns to read, but a good teacher can make a measurable difference as well, according ...

Opinion: "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" Shows That Kids Don't Read

What chance does Jamie Oliver have when kids can't tell an eggplant from a pear? Credit: ABC
You don't need to work very hard to decipher the message behind Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.
The new ABC reality series, which documents the ...

The Five Most Overused Children's Book Plots

Haven't you told me this story before? Credit: Corbis
We all know how a preschooler's capacity for repetition can make bedtime reading a mind-numbing experience for parents. Even good books can devolve into nothing more than well-illustrated tran...


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