New reality show features teens babysitting infants

Reality television has truly crossed a line of decency. First there was the CBS show "Kid Nation", that despite not yet being released, has created all sorts of drama regarding child labor laws and child safety while 40 children were left to their ow...

Reality television: the best primetime TV for kids?

Given what's going to happen to me after the rapture (according to an upcoming video game, I'm going to be killed by a group of fundamentalist mercenaries who will give me the choice to be born again, at gunpoint) , I'm always on the lookout for sign...

Late INXS singer to soon have own film

In an effort to prevent any tarnishing or degrading images of the late INXS rocker, Michael Hutchence, several filmmakers are scrambling to get an autobiographical film made. The project, called "Slide Away" after a posthumous collaboration with U2's...


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