Doctors Call Boy's Recovery From Blindness a Miracle

Gene therapy helped a 9-year-old boy recover from a disease that stole his sight away, and doctors are calling the results of his treatment "near biblical." Credit: NBC Philadelphia. View more news videos at:

Britney Spears Bored With Her Structured Life

Britney Spears has something to say about her new, more structured life. In typical Britney style, she's not holding anything back: "I think it's too in-control," she says in Britney: For the Record, a new documentary about her life. "If I wasn't ...

Clay Aiken's baby health scare

Mr. Aiken, welcome to the wonderful world of parenting. Sure, it's one filled with joy and happiness, but it's also, more than occasionally, one filled with fear. Clay Aiken learned about this less seemly side of parenting just weeks after the birth...

Christy Turlington campaigns for maternal health

Former supermodel Christy Turlington is campaigning for maternal health. The mother of two (with husband actor Ed Burns) is attempting to get the U.S. government to provide more resources to women during childbirth. According to Turlington, a w...

Boys hit by a car now racing cars

David Eustace and his friend Jonathan Schores seem like most other preteen boys, until you notice their limps. Both sustained disabling leg injuries after being hit by a car, and now both race go carts for fun. Their cars have been outfitted with a m...

The summer of drugs and alcohol

This summer was the first that Ellie and I both got to stay home together every single day. I didn't go to an office and she didn't go to day care or summer school. I enjoyed our time together more than I thought possible and am sad that it is over. ...


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